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Highlight Video Packages

A well edited highlight video is a requirement for today's college bound athlete. It can also be used as a tool to showcase a player's evolution from peewee through the high school years, if produced on a consistent basis. We are in the business of creating the most professional video, whatever your ultimate goal. ​

Our team of professional videographers will be on-site at your student athlete's event or events. and then our staff of coaches and recruiting specialists will carefully examine all of your seasonal game footage and select the plays which will best showcase your potential to coaches and recruiting coordinators. Those plays are then captured and rendered into a reel of your highlights by our expert video technicians. Each play will have an animated marker following your movement through the entire play. Viewers will no longer need to pause and rewind to find you within the play or be distracted by other players.

Certain Packages Include:

Full season highlight (Includes Preseason and Postseason)

Custom video intro, player indicator & artwork

Expert play selection & aligned play order

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook upload for maximum exposure

Videographers have press passes

1080p or 4K Video

Easily view each play

Event Video Coverage

If the quality of footage your team provides is sub-par, or you would simply like exclusive coverage, SSP Video can attend your sporting event and capture it in full 1080p high definition digital video or even 4K Ultra HD. This will result in crystal clear quality when editing the footage into highlight reels. Every play will be easily visible to viewers allowing your skill level and potential to be accurately displayed. ​

Are you a parent who has tried to film the games yourself, but end up shouting and jumping up and down every time your child makes a play? Our sports videographers all have over 1000 hours of shooting time experience and can guarantee no plays, action or memorable moments will be missed. Every shot will be steady, in focus, and capture the entire scene.

Video Editing

Need some film edited? We offer hourly film editing services designed for all major sports to ensure high quality easy to view film for scouting and recruiting.

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